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34, Homi Modi Street, Flora Fountain, Mumbai 400023
Tel.: 2204 5861 / 2204 8303
Fax: 2287 6132


Note: Grant of visa and validity & turn around time is consulate discretion


From 15th July 2013, Sri Lanka visa Only Tourist and Transit visa should be applied through online ETA [E-visa system].

Please visit their website www.eta.gov.lk carry e-visa copy while traveling. Visa fees should be paid by Credit or Debit card. Requirement same for tourist.

Business E-Visa (Visa can be done online, require following documents)

  • E visa application completely filled up with all details.

  • Passport copy (first and last page, clear copy) In case any any observation, copy of the passport.

Work Permit and Dependent Visa

  • E visa application completely filled up with all details.

  • Original Passport (Old & New) valid for 6 months and also require passport copy 1st and last page 2 sets

  • 2 Photographs [35mm x 45mm w/b, matt finish and 80% face to be seen]

  • Covering letter from the company

  • Approval from immigration

  • Ticket

Visa Fees

  • Rs. 2,400.00 (Business E-Visa)

  • Rs. 1,600.00 (Tourist)

Download business visa application form
Download E-application form

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